Hygge: Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. – Wikipedia

Well, that’s what Scandinavian Decor feels like. Scandinavian( (often defined as the countries of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway) design is all about being clean, simple, minimal, and functional all while looking beautiful.

Since these countries don’t get much sunlight, they use light colors to make the most of the sunlight they do get.

As you can see they also are characterized by neutral, earthy tones.

The best part about Scandinavian design? It’s super versatile. It goes with almost anything because of its simplicity, allowing you to totally restyle or add elements and give your nursery a touch of the nordic charm.

Let’s look at a few nurseries that incorporate these elements and feel hygge.

1.Moon Phases Wallpaper

The neutral colors and the wallpaper with moon phases make this gender-neutral nursery oh so adorable.

2.Modern Rainbow Illustrations

These rainbow illustrations are all the rage! You can DIY or buy printable on sites like Etsy! They will add a pop of color while looking elegant!

3.Metallic Wall Art

Metallic artwork will add character to your nursery! You can use this above the crib, near the nursing table. You can also repurpose it and move it to your office if you like changing your decor often.

4.Crib Mobiles with Forest Animals

This crib mobile doubles as a dream catcher will be a calming/entertaining object for your baby! It can also be a wonderful gift to a new mom.

5.Mountain Wall Murals

Create an outdoorsy, fresh sense in your nursery with wallpapers/mural with simple mountains. Go for ones with neutral colors and they will match any furniture you have now and in the future.

6.Botanical Wallpaper

A more feminine botanical wallpaper that’s simple will look cozy and add some greenery to the nursery

7.Earthy Toned Crib

Cribs are one of the most prominent parts of most nurseries. To fit in with the Scandinavian vibe, pick one in an Earthy tone.

8.Wall Art

Woodland animals make a perfect addition to a Scandi nursery! Artwork featuring high land cows, for example, is extremely popular and will also add a boho touch to the nursery.

9.Woodland Rugs

Soft plush animal rugs are so unique and different. They’d make a great addition to the decor while offering a cozy spot.