The first challenge when it comes to creating great stories is to know which of your videos and photos are going to lend themselves best to your stories versus your main Instagram.

Largely, the difference is whether you think of the photo as being quintessential to your brand and a great photo, or whether you think of it more as an aside – a little joke for the fans or a demonstration of something you’ve explained.
Likewise, more ‘immediate’ things work very well in your Stories, such as events.

Let’s say you have a fitness channel for instance and you’re at a Bodybuilding competition chatting with people on stalls and meeting fans. Photos of the actual show will look great on your channel, as these demonstrate what your brand is about and can be made to look dramatic and spectacular.

A photo of you with fans though, or of you getting a sausage roll from one of the stalls will work much better in your stories.

Meanwhile, video clips will work particularly well for the live video as they will give your audience a chance to attend along with you! Always be sure to check copyright though before you go ahead and stream or you can risk getting yourself into trouble.

If your brand does have a personal component, then as a rule, things that are your personal brand will work best for live or stories, whereas things that fit your corporate brand will work best on your grid as permanent additions.

Ask yourself: would you be happy for a photo to be a fan’s first impression of your brand? If not, then it will work better as a story. The same goes for video, in which case you could share it live.

What makes great content for Insta stories?

Certain content will of course lend itself particularly well to the Stories format or to being live. Here are some suggestions:


  • As mentioned, photos with fans are great for stories
  • Behind the scenes photos also work very well for stories and can be a great way to build anticipation for something. Got a new video in the works? Then why not post a photo of you filming or editing the video?
  • Sequential photos – seeing as stories work as a slideshow, there are some fun effects you can pull off by uploading a few photos in a sequence. How about a few photos that show something you’re cooking getting created?
  • Photos that wouldn’t be particularly attractive but that nevertheless fit your brand also work.
  • You can also add photos that supplement the other photos you’ve taken. For instance, if you have taken 10 photos of the same activity, then you won’t want to flood your account with them. Choose one or two for your grid and add the rest to your story.
  • Stories are also a great place to shout out to another creator if you want to do a cross-promotion!
  • Jokes and funny asides also work great here!

Live Videos

  • Travels – If you’re traveling and you’ve come across something amazing, then why not let your followers come along with you for the ride?
  • Events – The same goes for events. Bring your viewers to concerts, to premieres and to any other exciting events you might attend. In these cases, you can think of video as being a very natural extension to what you have previously been doing with your account – in this case, the video will let your viewers almost experience that lifestyle you’re promoting!
  • Interviews – Let your visitors actually ask you questions and interact with you! Or how about conducting an interview with another personality and letting your viewers take part in that?
  • Reviews and showcases – Got a product to promote? Why not showcase it live?
  • Workouts
  • Vlogs and discussions